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About the author

Ian Small
Australian Author

I was born in Grenfell, New South Wales, birthplace of Henry Lawson. Is there something in the air, or the water, in Grenfell? I sincerely hope so!

Winning “FIRST PRIZE” in the “ESSAY” competition at the Grenfell Show in 1965 proved to me I could write successfully and for commercial gain. First prize was two shillings (20 cents). I'm not sure about the quality of the competition but I'll take an award and the cash any time! I have always enjoyed writing and have never seen it as a ‘chore'.

Having moved from Grenfell to Inverell in1968, I spent my final four school years at Inverell High School. I enjoyed History and studied World War 1 for the HSC, but the fascinating local story of The Kurrajongs was never mentioned. In 1973 (I was only nineteen) I left Inverell and headed out into the big wide world.

I stumbled across the tale of “The Kurrajongs” in the early 1990's and quickly became entranced. Here was a wonderful story, almost forgotten, that cried out to be told. Every step of the journey something interesting happened, although at the time it would have seemed mundane. 1916 was a fascinating time…everything was different…great changes were afoot. Motor vehicles were appearing on the roads, electricity was the new marvel, telephones, moving pictures…and of course, there was the War.

The more I researched, the more enmeshed I became….

Anyhow, I won't rave on…the proof is in the reading!
I was retrenched in 2001 and decided to write my first novel. The result is The Kurrajongs. Tell me what you think.

You can contact me:

Phone: (02) 9482 2209
Postal address:

PO Box 3336
Asquith NSW 2077

I am currently researching another four great
Australian stories.

Meditation has proved a
great help with my writing…



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